“Green” Trends in the Trade Show Industry

Several staff members of EXHIB-IT! Tradeshow Marketing Experts attended the 2009 EXHIBITOR Show in Las Vegas. For a well rounded approach from several perspectives, graphic artists from the trade show display design team, client service representatives, sales associates and the company CEO braved the unusually snappy weather and spring break crowds.

Green display products are definitely the wave of the future. Manufactured using recycled, recyclable and sustainable products, these trade show displays and graphics offered state of the art design, without high impact on the environment. From fabric graphics made of recycled water bottles and bamboo banner stands to extrusion made from recycled aluminum and led lighting, the concern for the environment was evident. More and more environmentally friendly marketing materials are becoming available as businesses commit to conservation efforts.

We encourage our clients to invest in long lasting framing and hardware, because displays that last and offer the ability to grow with a company, won’t end up in a land fill. We offer fabric graphics made from recycled plastic. We also offer rental displays, an oft forgotten aspect of recycling.

What small steps can businesses participating in trade shows take to reduce waste and be environmentally friendly? Our team chose to walk to events whenever feasible and to use public transportation rather than renting a vehicle. We also reused linens and towels at our hotel to reduce water usage and waste of energy. We avoid taking printed materials we don’t want, and also give out information to qualified leads rather than filling someone else’s trash bin.

If everyone would practice these small changes, think how we could minimize the environmental impact of the 1.2 million business meetings, trade shows and conventions held in the US each year.

DJ Hecks (www.fullbrainmarketing.com)

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